Bonus Templates

10 Unique Lead Capture Broadcast Flow Templates you can use for ANY NICHE!

ALL fully integrated with your Manychat account to capture email and phone numbers

All fully automated to alert the Admins of your Facebook page when the customer is ready to chat/talk/get an email!

  • Account Update
  • Coupon Delivery
  • Customer Appreciation
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Informational
  • Live Event / Invitation
  • New Product Launch
  • Request for Review
  • Special Offer
  • We Miss You

Please watch the complete Pack Installation Instruction Video. 

We will review: 

  1. How to access/review the content of the Packs
    (Niche Templates must be installed on a bot to view the content. Due to proprietary content, no publicly available preview or demo is available.)
  2. How to install your pack
  3. How to customize, connect, and send your Broadcast messages
  4. How to customize, install and activate your Web Chat widget

10 Bonus Templates